Damn it! I can’t find it. A frequently aggravating situation a lot of us face, in a demanding work environment. Photographs need to be sent to the printers but the slide is missing or in transit. It was sent out somewhere but has not been returned or is plain and simply lost. Look at our Online Photo Archive solutions. Power point presentations need to be ready by this eve of an important meeting but the photos, charts and data files are in a colleague’s laptop that is unavailable. Look at our Mixed Media Server storage and retrieval solutions. Before or after a company press conference or an AGM, you need to broadcast your financials and other related data to the media. How can a combination of text & image files be transmitted immediately worldwide? Look at our Media Servers.

In your corporate environment, you need to interface with a set of national/ international clients/ distributors, exchange data, update orders, supplies, and inventories. We custom build web-based solutions to help you. An export firm needs a client to come into their website and look at their wares on the net but does not want to show all the information and photos at once. Selectively control what you need to show and when. Look at our Password Protected solution to Control Access, linked to visible content. In high security, sensitive areas there is a need to know who is who and what they do and where they should be or not be. Look at our People Search Servers that allow you to update photos and details in real time. A must for airports, police, missing persons bureaus, immigration authorities. MediaWeb’s, DaMn (JIT*) solutions just do that. We create database driven, shared and dedicated, web-based solutions for small, medium and large business groups who need to manage, share and deliver/retrieve, their digital assets, to be used internally, externally, or targeted to selected groups.


DaMn eliminates license fees associated with multiple products (such as expensive OS and database licensing, separate e-commerce and content management systems) DaMn provides everything in its solution and eliminates the cost of integrating multiple point solutions. DaMn minimizes administration costs associated with supporting multiple products.
Damn integrates into your current corporate website.


DaMn is an Internet-enabled archiving and database solution that allows any sort of digital data, be it text, photo, audio or video, to be searched. Results are dynamically produced, and displayed on browser based interface, to enable sharing and distribution. DaMn runs on a Linux platform using a very robust database that allows easy customization for clients needing to organize their digital data under any sort of category, keyword or text string search. DaMn solutions can be accessed and administrated from web browsers, running on any operating system, be it Mac, Windows, Unix, making it platform independent. DaMn has a vast array of web-based admin tools that allow easy administration and control over their digital data. This allows the client to add, edit, modify or delete, enabling easy update and management of content. DaMn is fully password protected allowing maximum security to safeguard digital data and content. Admin tools allow assignment of password and access rights to chosen areas and fields that are pre-configured to that user’s needs. DaMn can be an intranet solution or Internet-enabled to allow easy access around the world. Dedicated or shared servers can be provided at a cost-saving amount or special customized servers can be built to customers’ specs.